House Aratus stands as one of the great scholarly houses of New Eden; a House where principles of free will and human rights stand paramount in our foundations. However, these principles are not restrictive to race or kind, and as such we are open to all races. Our Ancestral Home is descendent from Aratus of Soli, the prominent Hellenistic poet.

Let us begin with Zeus, whom we mortals never leave unspoken.

For every street, every market-place is full of Zeus.

Even the sea and the harbour are full of this deity.

Everywhere everyone is indebted to Zeus.

For we are indeed his offspring... (Phaenomena 1-5).

 We offer a home for capsuleers who are dedicated PvP Pilots and Industrialists.

House Aratus has prospered and grown through teamwork and dedication, so as an active member you will need to share an interest in the growth and development of the corp.

If you feel that’s you, well then all you have to do is read our charter and apply to join.